Bottle Shop

Feel that distinct inch in your throat? That hollow feeling in your stomach? Is it a reflection upon the meaningless deterministic limbo that is the human experience? No, its your conscience telling you that you need more beer.

That’s right, we now sell beers in draft cups, pitchers, loose bottles, cans, six packs, and whatever permutation of God’s greatest gift (according to Ben Franklin) you can find. Whether it is the simple domestic beers, the ever famous import brands, or that one local craft beer that your annoying hipster friend keeps badgering you about, we cover all the bases a beer devotee might wish for. And guess what? We’re proud to also say you’ll save a couple bucks by buying from the lowest prices you’ll find in Old City (ey Fishtown, learn a lesson or two).

Not feeling that distinct Nascar-watching and beater-wearing beer breath your boyfriend has? No worries, we got you covered too! We also sell wine from the tap, both red and white, as well as domestic and import bottles at the most competitive prices you’ll find. A wine bottle a bit to heavy and annoying to bring to Penn’s Landing? We got wine in cans as well! (They can fit half a wine bottle in a can, come see it to believe it!)

And if it’s been a rough one and you want to skip the appetizer and head right for the enchiladas, we gotcha as well. We sell liquor shots and mini bottles to treat the most weary hearts in need of mending.