It all started when...

Mimi and Kevin’s journey as restaurant owners began over 20 years in Philadelphia. They opened Philly’s Gourmet Steaks at the main entrance of the Bourse Building, and had the privilege of greeting every customer to visit the Bourse. Situated directly across from the Liberty Bell, they served the highest quality cheesesteaks, deli sandwiches, and a gourmet buffet that represented cuisine from all around the world. Mimi and Kevin served thousands of customers a day with the same consistent culinary excellence.

With pride in using the best ingredients and recipes, they grew their business over the years and opened a second restaurant in the Bourse: Flamer’s Grill. Mimi and Kevin sought to create a hamburger with the same level of ingredients and taste as their cheesesteaks and buffet. And so, they operated both, serving the best cheesesteaks and burgers in Old City at the Bourse.

In the Fall of 2017, Mimi and Kevin decided to make another significant decision that would change their business to its core, much akin to the one that started their success in Philadelphia. They decided to move to a location in front of Penn’s Landing on Market Street in their Old City backyard.